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In that Jim Stapleton book with the interview disc, the topic of dresses is discussed. Here are some Billy quotes that might explain it.

\"I have a hard time thinking of men trying to sing my songs, because I think my perspective is feminine.\" (p 59)

\"For me, the idea of having a feminine perspective is a willingness to be vulnerable. It’s very easy to c@ck-rock and posture. I can’t help but wear my heart on my sleeve- I’m like nerve endings. That’s just the way I am and, to me, that’s very female because it’s not a male thing to do. A male thing would be to f@#*!n posture.\" (p 59-61)

\"I recognize that element in myself and I just call it feminine because that’s the part of myself that I would link it to- a softer, gentler side […] maybe the contrast of a male upbringing is, to me, being simply female.\" (p 61)

I think the dresses are simply his way of expressing his inner duality and an emotional vulnerability. The book also refers to Courtney Love and Darcy, who helped him think of rock outside of male terms. The dresses, in part, seems to also be an attempt to avoid your typical male oriented rock.