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First of all, there is and was no Bridge Media known in St. Petersburg. Secondly, they pretend Lenny Kravitz was opening for Smashing Pumpkins on this concert, but all the SP tracks come from several concerts. Thirdly, Smashing Pumpkins have no commercial bonds with Coca Cola, except for them headlining the Coca Cola Zero Fest in Mexico, 2008. It’s funny that they date this \"Coca Cola Live\" CD exactly 10 years earlier…

Let me continue. Everybody can copy the Coca Cola logos. doesn’t exist (anymore). A genuine radio CD in this quality from 1998 would have had a proper matrix code instead of a factory production code only. A Russian radio CD would have had Russian texts, and absolutely no English texts, except where unavoidable. Russia and many other East European countries are wellknown for boots, and almost no genuine releases.

All in all, boot. For sure.

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