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On Sven wrote:

there’s a new one coming up end of this week-

i’ve even got another one ready to go-

just got a lead unto another nice one containing a topic rarely touched upon concerning TSP, hopefully coming up after that one-

>>> the one on the subject of the ‘pre-historic’ band prior to TSP, even to The Marked, in depth; I am very busy now and will try to write this in the next two months for SPFreaks as there’s no place for this subject on…. working on it and it’s looking good as leads are true and awesome, lines are there, info is coming in and all… sit tight, wait and see- i hope to pull this off, but it might take some time to turn into a quality piece of research. it’s just i know lack the time- preparing for an interview with trent reznor and much more work still, so please bear with me, ok?, thnx.