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#19 has the \"Limited Edition\" sticker on the box, with a little barcode sticker below it with that \"4 018396 006854\" number. That same sticker is on the back of the wooden box too.

You know, I’m getting the idea that it might have gone like this: Smashing Records produced several hundreds, maybe even all of the 1,000 boxes in the end, and ships them somewhat randomly all over the world without any cd/booklet. The music store that bought this box, put their (over-)stock of Siamese Dream cds/booklets from the jewelcase version in the wooden box and tried to sell it. Maybe that’s why we find somewhat randomly both the Dutch cd/booklet and the US cd/booklet in this box?

And maybe that little barcode sticker is only on the initial batches of a several hundred of wooden boxes that were send out? Just a guess too…

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