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I guess most people compare the new stuff to SD because that was \"the big\" album. For me, its MCIS. But I really love SD. Well all the albums in their own way like you said Arthur. But the \"deeper\" songs like Soma, Mayonaise, Thru The Eyes of Ruby, Porcelina, Drown — those really stand out for me. The \"epic\" songs you know?

And I think Adore is brilliant. Its a shame it was seen as a failure. I was watching one of the documentaries or I read something where Billy said he wished they would have just stopped after the MCIS tour, with the death of his mom and his divorce and Melvoin’s death all sort of around that tour (give or take).

But I for one am so glad they DID make Adore (and toured for it as it was my first time seeing SP!) that album hits me like no other… in a different way than Gish or SD or MCIS or even Machina does.

I could go on forever about how much I love each album in its own way though :) … even Zeitgeist which is sort of low on the SP CD totem pole for me. Though I have to say i LOVE Ma Belle, Zeitgeist and Stellar. Those should have been on the first official release and .. there should have just been ONE release not a rainbow of releases imo.

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