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OK, this is what I just did, I hope it is to everybody’s likings.

All 8 known Untitled 3 track cds, starting with Billy’s test pressing, all the way up to the commercial releases, have the same 3 tracktitles. And database-wise they are the same tracks also. So, when clicking on the track, it will show all other releases with the same track on it.

The tracklengths are not correct anymore, because on some releases some tracks are 1 or 2 or 3 seconds shorter, compared to other releases. I cannot help it… I choose a tracklength kinda ad random, please tell me if it should be changed. Next to that, the info text is changed here and there. Please check if it is correct now?

Please copy the whole URL below to check all Untitled releases. It will include the Q101 release and the French promo, but I did not change anything on them. Meaning, the Q101 question of Bram is still standing. I don’t have that Q101 promo for a comparison… … ease|ASC|0

By the way, I did not change the Untitled (Pop Mix) upload. It is still considered a different release, with a different track. I made 320 kbps MP3 rips of 4 different Untitled releases (Billy’s acetate, UK inhouse promo, Pop Mix and UK commercial single), if someone needs them for a second opinion on my inquiry, just shoot me a line here.

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