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Meanwhile I had my little troubles with this seller. This is my latest email to that guy.

\"Dear his-masters-dog-music,

I’m very sorry to see you are making a big mess of this auction. First you end it early for an unknown reason, then you get pissed because I’m saying something about it, then you offer it to me anyway as a second chance auction, and then you withdraw the second chance offer also. I offer humble apologizes, but getting a reply to that: no. Weird person you are, not a friendly seller if you ask me. Good luck with your other auctions his-masters-dog-music, but I hope we never run into each other again. You are not a trustworthy seller at all, and you are not able to communicate in a proper way. I’m very sorry to see all that in 1 person.\"

It feels good to be pissed sometimes. 8)

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