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Well, there is a NIN category:

Nick started NIN. I haven’t done anything for that (yet). He’s a far bigger fan than I am. It too, like everything else on the NK, gradually gets expanded over time.

Anyways, as for the video section goes, it’ll have articles on all the Machina official videos (The Everlasting Gaze, Stand Inside Your Love, & Try, Try, Try; but it’ll also likely house a bunch of ‘egg’ flash animations that were around at the time, which were as intricate as the plates, but animated. Whether or not we put that in the videos section or the Glass and the Machines of God section is still up in the air, and will likely be determined when I get to that stage :)

Video may also possibly house an article about the ‘final’ performence at the Cabaret Metro and Billy’s use of clothing to mirror alchemy. But once again, this may end up in the Glass and the Machines of God section. Dunno. Guess it doesn’t really matter what section it comes out on, so long as it comes out, eh? ;)