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I understand the releasing on digital. There is the option to buy the whole disc digitally right? Not that I would, but some people just don’t want cluttered cd’s laying around, but want all the music still.
Now as far as releasing discs-fantastic.
I did touch base on about having the fans who subscribe to the fan club/12 week subscription get the archives, of course at an additional cost :P
this way maybe more people will sign up for the 12 week project, of course this would be like giving one no choice…oh well, it could still work.
So those that signed up for the fanclub/12 week thing, when the archives become available we get disc and whatever else merchandise get tossed our way and the ones that didn’t sign up go to itunes and purchase the digi downloads…

for the non signer uppers~why wouldn’t anyone want to see inside on the creation of his music????
I am amazed at his abilities to create!!! And have never heard of an opportunity like this before. It’s like the icing on the cake…still waiting for the cherry and the sprinkles though ;)
you can do it Billy :D