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it was pretty good too watch. You can tell that they want to move forward! Or maybe that is the feeling I got through watching Jimmy just sit there, tapping his fingers,sitting there, sitting there, and billy talking, Jimmy talking, sitting there,sitting there,Billy,Billy,billy, Billy,Jimmy again. Billyx10, while Jimmy is just sitting there.
So for me I don’t want to see Jimmy doing that. I want to see Jimmy being the one who’s doing the talking, like Billy does the talking about his band SP…Jimmy has been around for a while and has a lot to contribute from his own creations and from learning from Billy. I don’t see Jimmy really being able to do his own thing with drumming to much with SP, since Billy is the master mind behind it.

So with this new drummer or drummers, are they going to be playing how they feel or will Billy be like the band director and have something already in mind for the drummer?
I guess like it has been mentioned before…it’s his machines, his robots, his band,his puppets, his bitches:lol:
It doesn’t seem right having Jimmy just sit there, when we all really just want to hear what Billy has to say about SP.
And who would we want to see talk about the JCC? ah, could it be Mr. Jimmy Chamberlin? I’m sure there are the few that would love to see Billy talk about the JCC, but that wouldn’t make any sense, so we won’t go there.