Reply To: Mosh Pit Turns Deadly for a Smashing Pumpkins Fan

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this is getting rather silly
unless we know of what this dude died we just don’t know
i have been front row at several Pumpkins gigs before
and it’s mayhem down there
Bernadette died the same way i could have been injured or have died if i hadn’t crowdsurfed to the front barrier at pukkelpop’s 95 massive surge and moshpit, or @ Ahoy 96 for that matter (first night)
sometimes it’s the only way out of the mayhem
so don’t even go there and tell me it’s irresponsible behaviour
it CAN be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be!!!
no we just have to wait and see what has happend to this dude in Vancouver
some people wait in line too long, get exhausted, get failures of heart of something because of it in all of this mayhem and die; no moshing of themselves, no crowdsurfing to safety, let alon for sheer joy of it
so just wait and see what comes out of this
for as far as i know now there’s yet another tragic death to be mourned over at a concert by my beloved The Smashing Pumpkins – and i’ve mourned severely over Bernadette’s death and the casualties @ Pearl Jam’s Roskilde gig too for it could have been me; so no bitching about moshing idiots or crowdsurfers; sometimes shit gets out of hand and you just don’t have no others option but to crowdsurf your way out of on audience in total moshing frenzy….
just my 2 ct though