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totally agree with Arthur here…

even in 98 money was no issue whatsoever for TSP/Virgin. however: Adore was a bloody mess in terms of promotion and singles. Virgin fucked up big time there. and didn’t invest in the campaign. so technically it’s not about the money and all about the money… as in: not too expensive, but not willing to pay… remember Virgin considered Adore pretty much DOA.

BC was also not in the best of moods concerning the singles issue. there was rumoured to be talk of having the whole of Adore remixed as an artistic statement. I got the impression BC thought of Adore as a possible remix in terms of electronic new wave or triphop or hiphop or even harsher EBM styles and possibly ambient like… I’ve heard and read about several other parties having been asked but not commissioned to do remixes. but no names and no production surfaced, so maybe this idea was scrapped pretty early on.

With Virgin/BC fucking things up in the promo and single department (heck: it’s the worst period in TSP history when you look at b-sides – tadaaah that’s why there’s an immens overkill on the re-issue now: with the other albums BC pretty much released A LOT already, with Adore there’s only a tiny bit) they had Puffy’s remixes pretty much already finished to go product but where to fit those in? they went with mixes that went nicely together – Puffy’s would have been a strange fit. and it’s my belief Virgin didn’t want a standalone Puffy remixes release which could have been an idea.

also Puffy WILL have been paid for the remixes. he did not however get royalties and the like he’d get when these were released, but of course the man didn’t do these for nothing, hoping they might be released. it just doesn’t work like that. exception might be he did those because BC asked him (weren’t the two of them kinda cool/close back then?) somewhat privately to do these remixes, but since these ended up on Virgin cdr’s some contractual stuff must have been cleared with Puffy concerning these remixes at some stage, not for release that is, but just to produce the remixes in the first place.