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So I went to a concert of Marillion and Deep Purple last weekend, in Essen, Germany. Both bands I had never seen live before, but when a free ticket was thrown my way, I couldn’t resist of course. Deep Purple is where my love for rock music came from, I still remember the moment when I was 11 years old and heard Child In Time for the first time…. I was flabbergasted! And wondered where that unearthy music came from! And believe it or not, but these Deep Purple guys really blew us away last Sunday, and remember, they are between 60 to 70 years old already… And still do an average of 150 shows per year! :shock:

And I have to say, Marillion was pretty good too (first pic below)…

By the way, I have a more than decent recording of this Deep Purple show (in MP3) for who’s interested.

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