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well, first they will ask him (?) if this mixup is really a mistake.
(i wasn’t able to convince them entirely. not that they denied it, or acted as if i was wrong. but they left the option open that the book with the information about the three bonus cds and dvd is supposed to be in the vinyl box set. which is fair enough.)

i can only assume the emi representative is going to be honest and confirm that it’s a mistake. that it’s the wrong book.
(if he’s lazy, he might lie and say that it’s supposed to be there. you know, to avoid any extra effort on this issue. i hope this doesn’t happen or i will get very angry.)

and then they should find a way to correct it. either replace all vinyl box sets they still have in store, and the ones that might be returned. or just replace the book.

if i understand it correctly, jeroen, who had the wrong book in his cd+dvd box set, already got his book replaced. but i don’t know the details about this.

there’s a small chance they’ll give me the correct book, while i get to keep the \"incorrect\" book. in that case, i’ll have a spare cd+dvd book, which i can use to mess around with. (read: try to get the sticker off and see what’s underneath that needed correcting.) fingers crossed.