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So far Easter has been nice… Yesterday we went to Schiphol to arrange the payment for a flight ticket, then we went on a Lelystad-revisited tour as Shannen was there in 2000 with her brother (funny story how they got there :wink: ) then we went on to my parents in the north of The Netherlands. There we did a really nice bicycle trip, and we were invited to go to an Indonesian restaurant (it was my mum’s birthday a week ago, see). It was awesome, we almost exploded! I had a spicy fish soup as a starter, and the main course was almost 20 different dishes, from beef to fish to lamb to goat to chicken, all types of vegetables, and 2 types of rice, and gado gado… Then a sorbet ice cream as a dessert… Yummy! :lol:

Today however is a relaxing day. :)

Hope you all enjoy Easter also!

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