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in addition to the previous comment: i do think a sd vinyl with a lot of marbling and a lot of different colours looks a lot nicer than a plainer vinyl, so i’d be willing to pay more for it.

i checked 6 siamese dreams tonight: black, peach, 2 different orange ones, red and purple.
they all have identical matrix codes inscripted in the vinyl.
all 4 sides say \"MASTERDISK\". this is not done by hand.

the other inscriptions look handwritten. they are:
disc 1, side 1: CAROL-1740-1-A S-27899
disc 1, side 2: CAROL-1740-1-B S-27900
disc 2, side 1: CAROL-1740-1-C S-27901
disc 2, side 2: CAROL-1740-1-D S-27902

the CAROL-1740-1-(A-D) is well visible, deeply engraved in the vinyl.
the S-27(899-902) is harder to see, much lighter engraved in the vinyl. you need enough light to read these codes.