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all good to those who support but won’t participate. even participating myself is a big deal, for me, but i’m willing to do it.

anyway, this is going to take a bit of time to come to fruition. i’ve secured a producer who will film some hardcore fans at the upcoming 8/30/2014 concert. there will be plenty of time to record at zuzu’s and that is what will happen.

please let me know, however, if you’d like to contribute. i don’t, personally, even know what i would say. i suppose that is the beauty of getting in front of a camera and to just start talking.

anyway, that’s the latest. lots of superfans in front of the camera @ zuzus. i can’t do this, and many of you cannot either, but i think differing backgrounds and stories add spice to the project.

please submit if you are interested.

– captain nothing

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