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ok I have lagged on this thread today…
You girls have not tried mushroom gravy????? OMG it’s sooooo good!!!! I love to make gravies…but since they are fattening, not too often, but when I do yummy!! Who eats pork chops? I do once in a blue moon, but with mushroom gravy and rice yum. Also I make this dinner called Sweedish Meatballs-it’s sourcream and mushroom soup over mashed potatoes or rice-and meatballs.
and your recipe Mayo sounds super yummy and so does that chili rose…yum!! I have to make them both someday!!! Olives in chili-that sounds so good. I had black olives in lasagna before.

Pizza hut is nasty…I would rather eat at a local pizza place than a national chain..ick I swear their pizza is funkdefied and their 5 dollar pizzas are even nastier than the regular priced ones…