Reply To: Price of sealed ’91 Gish vinyl?

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yeah, be careful with \"original 1991 pressings\" of gish.
just like manilla, the only sealed copy i’ve ever seen, is the \"carol 1705\" US repressing.
those aren’t rare or old at all. ten years ago, you could buy them everywhere (they were still in record shops too), and the went for $10-15.

this is the US reissue on caroline (from 2000-ish?): … &item=2667
note that this is the ’94 remaster, same audio as hutlpx2. even though the word \"remastered\" is nowhere on the album.

this is the ’94 UK reissue, on Hut, remastered: … &item=1891

this is the original ’91 first pressing from Germany, CARLP16: … &item=2901
and this is the other ’91 pressing, from the UK, on Hut, HUTLP2: … &item=1890

and if you really want to go gish crazy, there’s also a korean pressing available: … &item=1104

none of these are worth anything near $120, in my opinion.