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Ok, so here is what he told/sent me after I mentioned to him the record he was selling appeared to be the 2000 re-issue of Gish. (I sent him the spfreaks link to it)

Greetings. LP also released it in USA in 1991. According to discogs the 2000 version has the word \"remastered\" below the barcode and this one does not. According to my inventory records my store brought in 8 copies bought directly from Caroline in 1991. My database does not say German or USA release but the cost and list price indicated a US release. Also, if you look at pictures of the 1991 overseas version it has an extra box of information to left of barcode. Either way it is a lot of money and if your not comfortable I would probably pass on it. It has been cool chatting and keep on buying vinyl!
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P.S. has a wealth of great information.

What do you all think?