Reply To: Price of sealed ’91 Gish vinyl?

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

Gish was not released on vinyl in the US in ’91. This didn’t happen.
This is the 2000-ish reissue.

I know it’s confusing, because the sleeve tries to look like a 1991 release. But it does in fact contain the remastered audio, even though it doesn’t explicitely say so.
The matrix code on the vinyl even contains the \"HUTLPX2\" id. (How could they have known about the ’94 remastered Gish id back in 1991?)

I definitely agree with the advice: pass on this one.
I don’t want to judge the seller, as I don’t know if he means well or not. Is he lying on purpose, or does he really believe what he’s saying (that they actually ordered this recent reissue back in ’91 – and weren’t able to sell it in the mean time)? To me, it sounds fishy, to say the least. Stay away.