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I was in a :evil: mood just now, and picked 3 of the most expensive sellers on eBay, and send them all this message.

Hi, I noticed you have this Gish vinyl for sale. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is NOT a 1991 release from the US. First of all, there was no 1991 US vinyl release at all. Only in Germany (CARLP 16) and in the UK (HUTLP 2) the Gish vinyl was released in 1991. The next clue is the barcode on the back, top right. That exact barcode was used on the 2000-ish reissue of Gish (which, by the way, contains the remastered tracks from the 1994 Gish release). Lastly, the condition of this sealed product indicates a much younger age. In my humble opinion, a sealed copy of this 2000 release is worth $15-$20, since it is still widely available in brick-and-mortar shops, and on eBay alike. (Few sellers here ask rather extreme prices also, though) However, I’m sure you are willing to change your auction accordingly, right? I’m not a future bidder by the way, since I own this vinyl already. Thanks for listening, Arthur

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