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very nice and in depth talks with the guys, the die hard posse so to speak :)

also: got the idea to try and put together the albums that could have been at the fork in the road that was the end of the MCIS tour…

– \"the Batman\"-sound album
– the acoustic up close and personal/ bedroom (demo) album
– the adore b-sides

we discussed how it might have gone several ways back then and with the box set you kinda get a lot of cues as to where BC was working towards in several different directions… those did manifest and coalesce in / on Adore, but still there’s a wealth of material (what’s new!) which might point into other directions and that could kinda fill a nice coherent set of songs as some kind of an era album / sampler… :)

just some thoughts, have some free time soon, will try to get around to arranging stuff and discussing the progress here :)