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Some info on the silver Zeitgeist, taken from MySpace:

Zeitgeist re-release at Best Buy on Tuesday October 30th

The Smashing Pumpkins’ Zeitgeist will be re-released and packaged with a full-length DVD documentary titled Inside The Zeitgeist. Also included on the disc are 3 bonus tracks, included an un-released song titled Ma Belle. The other songs included are Stellar and Death From Above.

This special version of Zeitgeist features an all new metallic silver color scheme as well.

The Zeitgeist re-release will be sold exclusively at Best Buy stores and can be pre-ordered here: … id=1766267

(PS I ordered my copy somewhere else for a slightly higher price (mainly because of shipment costs), just to ensure faster shipment. It should be here in Europe very soon now, maybe I can beat you guys now with the scans/info 8) )

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