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It might be a rather rude action to open it then… hmmm… I just checked back and the auction says \"New & Sealed\" and \"CD IS BRAND NEW SEALED AND COMES IN CARD CASE\". Maybe I better (try to) win this one on eBay and ask the other guy for a temporarily loan of his promo to have it ripped anyway?

And you know what? I looked at the counter on that auction and it went from 14 to 16 only today. Yesterday it was 13, after I notified the board here of it’s existence. Obviously not many people notice it on eBay so far, when most of the hits on that auction came from the members here. At least that’s my wild guess. Can I be hopeful? Guess not… It only needs 1 sniper to have me blown away in the last second. :wink:

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