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The only thing I can tell is that I have received the pics from a contributor a long time ago (2 years ago? 3 years ago? I have no idea…), and put them online. It’s not in my collection yet unfortunately. As it comes with a genuine looking letter, it looks very original to me and definately worth a price above average. However it’s not Billy’s original handwriting, but a copy of it. Cool As Ice Cream is right with his question about the quality of the tracks, they should be ok to label this beauty with an according price. But as the letter states it was a \"CD-Master\" given to Virgin Germany, and if they copied it directly to these promo CD’s I presume the quality is kinda alright.

The stupid thing with these kind of items is that you can sometimes run into them on record fairs for just a few bucks, or find them on a rather unknown internet shop for almost nothing. It always needs a seller and a small or big market to determine the price for this thingy. There is also no reference to any sale or auctioning of this CD, as far as I know. My wildest guess would be that around 25-50 copies were made of this CD-Master, and my wildest guess for an average collectors price would be somewhere between 200-300 US$. When less: lucky buyer! When more: lucky seller!

Hope this helps a bit.

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