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Some more info from the SPIFC newsletter I received today.

\"Hello SPIFC members! Here’s the SPIFC’s February 2008 newsletter:


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the Pumpkins released a 4 track EP via iTunes in North America called \"America Gothic\" on January 2nd, 2008. There has been much talk about an eventual release of the EP on CD in countries outside of the US, as iTunes was supposed be the \"exclusive retailer\" of the EP in the USA. Well now it appears that there is going to be a physical release in many countries in the USA and Canada after all.

The following is a list of released dates in several countries. You can pre-order the CD in these countries on their respective Amazon pages. This is likely not an exhaustive list, so please let us know if you have discovered release dates for other countries:

UK – February 11
US – February 12
Japan – February 12
Germany – February 15
Australia – March 1
Canada – March 4

It is unclear whether or not the worldwide release dates of the CD will have coincide with with a release on iTunes in some countries. However, Ozphoria, the Australian SP Fan site, has confirmed with Warner Music that March 1 is the release date in that country will coincide with a corresponding iTunes release. The reason for the delay in releasing the EP in Australia is reportedly due to the fact that Warner wants to have it released closer to the Pumpkins Australian tour. As for the late release date in Canada, this has gone unexplained, and does not make much sense considering \"American Gothic\" was released in Canada and the US on iTunes at the same time. There are no Canadian tour dates in the near future to explain this.

A reminder of iTunes info \"American Gothic\" for the USA and Canada:
Currently the 4 tracks are being sold separately on iTunes
The Rose March
Again, Again, Again (The Crux)

The American Gothic EP is also being sold as part of a deluxe iTunes release that for a includes the 4 American Gothic tracks, the full album of ZEITGEIST and both music videos (Tarantula & That’s The Way).

Curiously, there is no separate American Gothic EP listing on iTunes, but has made a hi-resolution copy of the cover art available for download at their website, You can find the cover art for American Gothic, here: … _final.jpg\"

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