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Little update on who is linking us, and what causes the most traffic to our site. Status report over 07/01/08 till now.

#1 without any doubts: With several SP news – and PMM articles about us, we jumped to the next level of daily traffic. The 2 most remarkable referring articles were, the one that manillascissor wrote about the new feature called \"My Collection\" (which attracted several hundreds of visitors) but the absolute blockbuster was, of course, the art contest we did on here. Another thing that manilla initiated. It attracted almost 2,000 individual visitors…

#2 Netphoria. Needs no further introduction… We still need to move the serious collectors from their forum to here, I guess.

#3 HipstersUnited. They mention us every now and then in their blogs, and it helps big times.

#4 Wikipedia. More and more releases and songs contain links to, and it works. Dozens and dozens of people use them to check us out.

#5 I was a little surprised to see this name pop up in the Top 5, as I expected that the Forums of Blamo would be above the Forums. But fact is, we have several members from here that pay regular visits to, and probably they link back to us every now and then. Keep it up, people!

All in all, it means that we have grown from an average of 50-60 visitors per day 1 year ago to 100-125 visitors per day for the Collection website now. The new feature called My Collection was 1 of the biggest success factors of course, and the art contest also. The art contest contributed big times to the SPfreaks Forum visits. As a result, the posts on the forum have grown in numbers quite rapidly also, from 30 per day average a year ago, till 60 to150 (sometimes more!) posts per day now. The average posts per day since we started this forum in July 2007, recently jumped over the 40 figure, and is on 40.83 today.

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