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haha that’s a funny dude in that picture!

i worked today, as usual. i felt kinda weird all day, because i had a talk with my boss yesterday and she is going to help me find another job within the company. i felt good that i finally told her but at the same time i felt kinda bad. but i applied for one job yesterday, it’s at the customer service call center. i don’t know if i will like it, but i think i might. i know i will like it better than what i am doing now. the only thing is that i would have to deal with irate customers sometimes which is why i quit working with the public years ago, but at least it wouldn’t be face to face. and it would not be so monotonous that it puts me to sleep like now lol. i used to think i hated people, but sometimes i kinda miss talking to people a little bit… the nice ones of course. and i think there are more nice ones than mean ones.