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nothing will happen, now, since it’s already released. costs a lot of money to sue someone over something so ridiculously inconsequential.

what i posted before is the machina II vinyl copies that were handed out are no longer owned by anyone in the band. it was a gift sent out to whomever for whatever reasons. once it is released as such, rights to ownership of the actual vinyl belong to the current owner, not the owner at inception. if billy & co. could just reclaim all copies whenever they wanted, it’s a pretty goddamn lame release and you’d have to walk on eggshells just to own it. luckily, that is not the case. also, in the spirit of the record itself, it would be completely hypocritical to keep others from selling it. not to make a huge profit – that will happen on it’s own – but it’s their property, they can do whatever they want with it, to include destroying it. also, doesn’t it specifically request that it be bootlegged and passed around the community? what better way than to pass the actual record around (rhetorical). no one has control over what happens with those vinyls anymore, except the owners and sellers.

the same goes with these promos. they are not the property of the record labels, as they like to claim and even print right on the releases. it’s a falsehood, has been tested in court, and they do not own the physical product anymore. rights to the music exist with whoever owns those, but the CD or whatever medium of discussion is property of the owner and can be sold, legally, to anyone. watermarked promos could potentially be useful in determining who \"leaked\" something before a release date, but as it’s three days after the release, it’s really pointless.

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