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today, on the way to work, i yelled at someone on the subway. actually, more like talked loudly. we had a few minuites before we were gonna take off and i was sitting in my seat with my headphones on listening to some music. then this lady came on, sat in her seat, and proceeded to go on this loud ass rant aboout the government, and republicans and democrats, and mexicans, and some other stupid bullshit that made no sense.

i see people like this more often than you probably think. public transportation in this city really showcases the some of the wonderful people living in this city. anyway, it was annoying the fuck out of me, so i turned to face her, paused the music, watched her for about half a minuite (for entertainment purposes, as people where shhhhing her), and she made eye contact with me, and kept on talking. then out of nowhere i said \"close your mouth!\" pretty loudly. (i have always wanted to yell at people like this and tell them to just be quiet. i honestly don’t know where i got the courage to finally do it, but i guess today i had reached my breaking point.)

so she turned to me, and her jaw dropped. she looked so stunned. like she didn’t know what to say. i almost laughed out loud at her expression. so me being the smartass, i said, \"your mouth is still open. close your mouth.\" then she went off on me…\"how dare you TELL ME to close my mouth? i have the right to open my mouth and say whatever i want.\" so i said, \"i have the right to listen to my music, without having to hear your voice. and that no one on this train wanted to hear her voice.\" and all she could say back was, \"how dare you TELL me\" \"how dare you TELL me?\" so again, me being the smartass, i said \"then how about PLEASE close your mouth?\" then the secutiry guard came onboard and she left with him. i had already seen him talking to her as i was walking towards the train and was hoping she didn’t get on our car.

i don’t know why i’m telling this story. i kinda felt good and i kinda felt like a dick afterwards. i know she just needs some help, and didn’t deserve me going off on her. and that’s not really the person i am. (on the outside at least) i don’t talk to anybody. i don’t look at anybody. but i fucking hate people, and i was done. and again, i guess today was the day.

so yeah, today on the way to work, i yelled at someone. and also this was the first halloween in my lifetime, where i didn’t have a single piece of candy. coincidence? probably not.

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