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Yeah, I know what you mean. In fact, it became a ‘tradition’ on SPfreaks to black out these names on watermarked copies, but I think it is not really necessary. On so many promo releases, press kits, etc. we can find names and e-mails etc. However, those names have nothing to do with being the owner of a (watermarked) release. Still I’m curious why this watermarked release not only has a name, but also a number. Anyway, the audio/video on these watermarked releases should not be leaked, that’s what matters most.

A promo stating \"not for sale\" or \"promotional only\" is also a farce, I think. Manillascissor once posted some legal info about that. That was when one of the copies of Machina II vinyl was for sale on eBay and Billy declared in public, on Twitter, he owned the rights, if I remember well.

Anyway again; selling these watermarked promos being the person that received them, involves a risk. What if the new owner leaks the material, and ‘they’ find out?

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