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And… you likes?

Either you like it or you hate it, I guess. This guy is in the same league as Godspeed You Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am, etc. But instead he is doing it all alone. I just browsed his MySpace pages (thanks for the link!), and someone somewhere wrote there: \"it conveys perfectly the idea of a post-nuclear barren land…\" and yeah… that’s it. The land where I wander sometimes, where I listen to just this music (or Godspeed, or Fly Pan Am).

Talking about Fly Pan Am, I have 1 of their albums, which I bought at a concert. After the show I went to their tour van, and I talked a bit with the guys of the band. Since no one else came to the same idea, I was all alone with them, while they were loading their equipment themselves, and I helped them (well, it’s not a big rock band anyway, though they are from Canada and were doing a rather proper European tour at that time)! Anyway, I asked them for a signature, which I never do, because I hate to ask such silly questions. Or maybe I’m shy, I don’t know… Anyway again, 1 of the band members took the album I had just bought, went into the tour van and it took him quite a while to come back. He returned the album to me, and to my astonishment he had reworked the whole album artwork with a pencil! I can not figure out if his signature is somewhere to be found between his drawings, but to me this is one of the coolest things ever happened in my music-listening-life… 8)

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."