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anyone else?

either way, i think it’s a bad idea to turn to the community (again) to set up the sprc. it doesn’t work.
it might be interesting to let people vote what show they want to see a release of every now and then, but i don’t think you need to hear everyone in order to select what you want to release, or – even worse – to decide how you’re going to sell them.
just get this thing going, and then maybe later add a poll to your website. (e.g. \"we have ten similar siamese dream shows. we want to release one on cd next. which one should we release?\") there’s no need for any of that now.
i understand that there is some sort of premise that every release should be able to make enough money so that there is no loss. but do you really need to discuss this with \"the community\"? just use some common sense, and have some confidence in the stuff you’re releasing. try a couple of different ways to release stuff. see how things go.
this whole thing is just another attempt to acquire a kind of certainty about the success of these sprc releases. by \"listening to the community\", they want to make sure that everyone will be behind these releases, aka everyone will buy them for sure. which is first of all a bit of a pussy move. on top of that, it’s a bad move, for multiple reasons, and it might as well blow up again, just like it did last time.
just release stuff in a sensible way, and with every decent release, you’ll gain support.
also, if you’re so afraid that a release won’t make enough money to cover the costs, then go ahead and do one of them fucking kickstarter things. whatever. i’m already rolling my eyes though.