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mc cain has been slipping in the polls and had more on the line going into the debate. whereas obama had the momentum and played the role more of getting himself out there and trying to let the audience know who he is and what he specifically is going to do. thats been his biggest struggle. obama scored huge when he looked directly at mc cain and pointed at him and railed on him for iraq. i thought that was badass. and he also looked directly at the camera at times. another plus. he called out mc cain on his blantant lies that hes been saying on taxes. im glad he got to do that. however, mc cain was more on offense and obama played more defense. which i think gave the advantage to mc cain. however, you can see how mc cains jabs back didnt go over well with the people giving their reactions at the bottom of the screen, and that there was no eye contact from mc cain the entire time. people wont like that. mc cain needed to hit a home run at this debate. a debate, where for half of the time, it was about his supposed specialty of foreign ploicy. i think its a win for obama. and lastly, obama kept repeating the line \"john is right\" because i believe he was trying to show the american people trhat he is willing to accept when a republican has a good idea and bring out the spirit of unity. can you tell im a democrat?

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