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ok, i don’t agree with either canidate totally, but when obama says he will have a tax cut for 95% of americans it is not the whole truth. he wants to take money from the rich and give it to everyone else. rich to him is 250,000. to me yes that is alot of money, but if i worked hard to earn it and you want to take it away to give to others who did not earn it in any way, how is that right? it isn’t.

also i am looking for the site with all the votes too, for info for manilla and for other things i would like to know, when i do find it i will post his voting record and how many days he has actually been working.

like i said before hillary was the better choice. i am a democrat, but this shit just ain’t flying for me. i am most likely not going to vote this year for pres. but i am not gonna think obama is some great wind of change just because all of the news outlets make him out to be, he is becoming like all the others, a big talker.

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