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i agree that obama is making promises he isn’t going to be able to keep. but so is mc cain. whether either candidate likes it or not, for at least their first year in office, their attention is going to have to be focused on the $700 billion bailout. monitering it, understanding it, and modifying it. hilary would have had my vote on supertuesday hands down, had obama not been in this race. the reason he got my vote is that he’s younger and in my opinion sees more on my level how the system is broken in so many ways. he’s a fresh face to me. for the most part, im pretty sure hilary and obama were very much on the same page on virtually every issue. the big difference obviously is how they voted on the iraq war. im with obama on that issue. the war should have never have happened. other than that, to me, they’re the same candidate. please point out some more differences, if you happen to know any more. if obama had picked hilary as his running mate, i believe this race would be over. however, the republicans scared obama into thinking he would lose the election based on his lack of foregin policy experience, and he went with biden to take care of that. then the republicans pick palin. they picked her to try to grab just enough of the hilary vote by making their own case for making history by having a pit bull, ultra conservative, hockey mom vp in office and to bring out their own stance for change. i think it was a smart move at first. but now luckily the country seems to be seeing who sara palin really is. and how its all puppetry with the republicans. im a middle class individual. so, with either candidate, im not going to be recieving any tax benefits. so i dont really care if the rich are going to hae to be paying more in taxes. when im a millionaire, then i’ll become a republican. lol

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