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The email was an idea and I am not sure who did it
here is a small breakdown by my hubby -he has the email at work

If you spread out the amount of $$ that they are using to bail out AIG to everyone in the USA that is 18+ years old each person would get about $290,000.00 (after taxes), a couple would get $580,000.00 (after taxes) and that would be enough to bring the economy back around, everyone would have enough to pay off their house and them some and the and the government would get about 60,000,000.00 back in taxes because everyone would have to pay taxes on the amount of money they receive. That would take care of the housing crisis and the economy all at once.
The email breaks it down much better than this, but it’s NOT anything that is being discussed in the government..
SO as soon as I get the actual email sent tomorrow to me I will post for all of you to read and see if you agree with the idea