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i was thinking about a semi-new band (crosses) that are fronted by deftones lead vocalist, chino moreno. this band has actually been around the exact same amount of time as the pumpkins. the very, VERY interesting thing that they did with the release of their music is basically do it on their own (through topspin as well) and literally used no promotion. they just relied on word of mouth.

now, word of mouth hasn’t gotten them very far, but that is okay, because the music is so good, that’s all they need, which is what i’m hearing from WPC as well. they (i believe) had 3 EPs worth of music, 5 tracks on each one, and the first EP was free, and the second was a cheap download. can’t remember the price, but maybe $7 or something, which i was glad to fork over the DAY it came out, through topspin.

i have no hangups with topspin. i received my boxset versions of the reissues from them late, but maybe by a week or two. hell, i didn’t really care, i was just happy when they arrived and that is that.

crosses also created a very cool limited edition (500 copies) of the first EP and sold it via topspin. that record has long since sold out and goes for over $100 on eBay currently. i have no idea what they charged initially, i missed that, but i guess my point is that even with absolutely zero promotion, people who liked the music, and were fans of the deftones, and had heard of this new side project band, were given a tiny taste for free and the money started rolling right in.

it was nice to be a part of something again in 2011 that not everyone knew about. it had an underground feeling to it, a discovery of a band, something personal, and whatever they did generated enough interest for a tour. i think BC has the right idea here. they don’t need a big push from anyone, the interest is already there, as long as the music is good. that’s always going to be a judgement call on the \"engaged consumer\".

i’m drawing these comparisons because i see the situation as almost identical and while the brand crosses is new, if you know who is involved, it’s not new at all. it’s just a push in a different direction, wholeheartedly supported by the initial fanbase. not much else is required.

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