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when it was too bright to see
beneath you i stood for years
protected by your shade
staring at the sun, never afraid

even under a blanket of darkness
we would count junebugs together
as they buzzed in and around your weeping arms
and the spiders came crawling to the ground

then one day you nudged me along
gave me a branch to help sing your song
to remind me of strength and shelter
a piece of you, always and forever

i used to send you into the water
and watch as you floated away
but you came back each and every time
what a way to pass the day

but ever since that day you died for me
i’ve tried to return the favor, embarrassingly
i set you on fire, to hide the pain
and walked away, your bones fully ablaze

i picked you up one last time
your rings, an echo of mine
ashes fell as i wrote your name
as wind carried your charred carcass away

in my time of dying