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On manillascissor wrote:

i went to the store
and bought a pumpkin
i wanted to use it
to see you again

it was quite heavy
and a little big
so i placed it on wheels
and rolled it then

back to my house
we soon would travel
inside my kitchen
strange things would unravel

i wanted to see you
just one more time
so i went to the kitchen
and grabbed a knife

i started carving
and cutting your face
out of a pumpkin
the resemblance was faint

but cut and poke i did
for many hours
until that pumpkin face
looked like yours

and in the end
it looked quite macabre
so i stuck it outside
with a candle flame on

your face it danced
upon my front porch
scaring little children
as they begged for more

soon the night was over
and you were still there
laughing and smiling
in this world, not a care

i soon became jealous
of your effortless soul
i took you inside
and stared through your hole

no more i cannot take it
you ruined me again
now go and leave me
wipe off that grin

i took out a hammer
and smashed you to pieces
the orange bloody murder
was a thing of news releases

but no one knew
as i stashed you away
a plastic bag of death
sorrow and decay

in my time of dying