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Today i went to look for a new kitty, same race as bimbolin.So i saw this cute black spotted shortharied Oriental cat, and he was such a heartbreaker, so we bought him, he was kinda pricey though, but ok, i love the Oriental shorthaired race.
Iii take some pictures of him one of these days, atm he keeps hidding and dont want to talk, understandable since its all new for him, however, when he settles ill take some pictures of him so you freaks can see him, his such a darling. :D

Still i miss my beloved Bimbolin very much, kinda the reason why i bought a new kitty so fast, it was to queit here. and ive been sad.

I think ill call him Charlie. cute name for a cute kitty.I thought about Billy too. :wink:

In loving memory of Bimbolin.