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the fat man in the big red suit
jollying inside my rabbit ears
with soot on black boots
he comes a knockin’
stroking that thick white beard

enter santa-man into my house
good evening to you, though i be late
it’s well after midnight
you know it’s morn’?
well it’s okay, we now have a date

what did you bring for me i asked
i think i was nice, but maybe i was bad
he reached into his sack
and let out a chuckle
and just said, \"here you go, little lad\"

a shiny white and red plastic box
i opened and tore apart
i looked back up at santa
hoping to share
but he left soon after my start

\"let’s go rudolph!\"
he shouted while riding away
i peeked inside
the package now mine
oh what a year, oh what a day

a great white light from inside
shone across the room and in my eyes
blazingly hot
i dropped the box
what a strange holiday surprise

the sihouettes danced and drank
and sang the night away
i had so much fun
this merry eve
i hardly knew what to say

but soon the light faded and i collapsed
in a gentle fall to the ground
under the christmas tree
is where i crawled
for an overnight slumber to surround

so thanks fat man, once again
i hope to see you next year
although i don’t know you
with your mysteriousness
i long for your de stijl cheer

in my time of dying