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the interview was too long, but it clarified a couple of things.

i think lucky 13 shouldn’t have come forward until after this interview. because now we’ve heard a lot of things from a lot of people that aren’t even applicable. not the best start, in my opinion.

what steps should be taken?
1. something is selected for a release
2. bc agrees to release it and says what costs should be covered
3. a way to release something is suggested (amount of physical releases, amount of digital releases)
4. community signs up for this release
4b. if not enough people sign up, go back to 3. to look for an alternate way to release, or abandon release
5. something is released through sprc

how does 1. work? does everyone just yell things on messageboards?
do i understand it correctly that we’re starting with studio recorded material? or will live recordings also be released straight away?
i think bc or lucky 13 (god, what a stupid name!) should just suggest stuff to start with, and see where it goes. maybe start with a couple of things you know people will definitely like.
of course people can suggest things to lucky 13, but i don’t see how the yelling things on messageboards would help.

on the other hand, selecting releases isn’t really that important: the real selection happens in step 4. so you could select 100 releases and offer them online, and then see which ones get enough people behind them, and release those thigs first.

what happens in 3.? more messageboard yelling?
once again, doesn’t seem very useful to me. you’ll always have the same people asking for vinyl, and the same ones demanding mp3s, etc. what will ever come from that?
this whole \"everybody happy\" idea is very nice, but i don’t think it’s very realistic either. just because you throw it out there and let the community decide, doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a solution.

also, why does bc care so much if someone complains on a messageboard, or says \"billy is only interested in money\". surely he can laugh that off. no? why does he need a bunch of fans defending this?

anyway, finger crossed.
the fact that monty is part of this – and apparently at the centre of this, even – doesn’t give me much hope. i do hope the other members of the sprc team aren’t nearly as stupid and crazy as that guy.