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good point. not everyone is active online. (or wants to be.)

but if this process involves people signing up for a release in advance, then how will those people ever know, and be convinced to sign up?
(i think signing up will be required. i thought that was the whole point. they won’t release something just because 500 people said they were going to buy it at a certain price. that’s what i understood.)

i also think there will never be enough people found to sign up for a release if we only look at active members on messageboards. even if you add facebook it might not be sufficient.
this will need to get properly promoted, so that as many people who might be interested in these releases will hear about it. otherwise this won’t work.
you might try to convince everyone in the online community to work together and chip in for a certain release, but you can’t keep doing that. people aren’t made of money. and not everyone will want to sign up for every release. a big group of potential buyers will be needed in order to keep this going.