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The results of 2 judges are in, 2 more to follow. Sorry for the delay, guys.

Firstly, the entries of manillascissor, Arthur and Cool As Ice Cream are not taken into consideration. They are webmasters of SPfreaks and are not allowed to compete in this contest. However, a big THANK YOU to them for their artful contributions!

Secondly, Superlord – Real Love and Fez – By Starlight are disqualified as Real Love contains a b-side and By Starlight contains a live track. This is not allowed, as stated in the contest rules. All other entries have been judged according the following sections:

-Artwork (how is the overall quality of the artwork for the single)
-Song selection (how do the songs of the single fit together)
-Explanation (how detailed and well-thought is the explanation given)
-Enjoyment (what is the overall enjoyment of the single)

In each of these 4 sections only 3 entries should be judged in the following way.

-1 point to 1 entry for \"Honorable Mention\"
-2 points to another entry as \"Runner Up\"
-3 points to a third entry for \"Best!\"

The entry with most points in the end wins. This leads to the following non-final (!) schedule at the moment.

00 points – Superlordspamulon (Cupid De Locke)
09 points – Superlordspamulon (Soma)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Bleed)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Moleasskiss)
00 points – Arthur (Marquis In Spades)
00 points – manillascissor (Bodies)
00 points – Arthur (Pug)
04 points – toad32r (Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans)
00 points – Chrysantheme (Bugg Superstar)
10 points – toad32r (Geek U.S.A.)
00 points – Arthur (Slunk)
05 points – Pipoka (Set The Ray To Jerry)
00 points – Superlordspamulon (Real Love)
02 points – Pipoka (The Sacred And Profane)
07 points – martygoeswhee (Bury Me)
07 points – Superlordspamulon (For Martha)
04 points – Superlordspamulon (Glass And The Ghost Children)
00 points – Fez (By Starlight)

As can be seen by these non-final (!) results, the following order can be made.

1. toad32r (Geek U.S.A.)
2. Superlordspamulon (Soma)
3. martygoeswhee (Bury Me) / Superlordspamulon (For Martha)

When the other 2 judges have send in their points, we will give you a new schedule and order, and eventually announce the winner. Also, this thread has been unlocked for your convenience. You can leave your comments again!

Again, sorry for the delay. There was some worldwide discussion between the American, Asian and European judges about how to give proper points… :wink:

The SPfreaks Team