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Another judge just send in the points. After adding these points to the previous results, we can now give you the following scheme. The order in the top 3 has drastically changed, but please remember, these are still not the final results!

00 points – Superlordspamulon (Cupid De Locke)
13 points – Superlordspamulon (Soma)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Bleed)
00 points – Cool As Ice Cream (Moleasskiss)
00 points – Arthur (Marquis In Spades)
00 points – manillascissor (Bodies)
00 points – Arthur (Pug)
04 points – toad32r (Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans)
00 points – Chrysantheme (Bugg Superstar)
12 points – toad32r (Geek U.S.A.)
00 points – Arthur (Slunk)
12 points – Pipoka (Set The Ray To Jerry)
00 points – Superlordspamulon (Real Love)
04 points – Pipoka (The Sacred And Profane)
16 points – martygoeswhee (Bury Me)
07 points – Superlordspamulon (For Martha)
04 points – Superlordspamulon (Glass And The Ghost Children)
00 points – Fez (By Starlight)

As can be seen by these still non-final (!) results, the following order can be made.

1. martygoeswhee (Bury Me)
2. Superlordspamulon (Soma)
3. toad32r (Geek U.S.A.) / Pipoka (Set The Ray To Jerry)

martygoeswhee is the new number 1 for the moment, Superlordspamulon still going strong, and Pipoka entering the top 3… to blow everybody away in the end and run away with the prize? Who knows!

We hope to announce the winner soon now… Stay tuned!

The SPfreaks Team