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these starry days and sunny blotted nights
let’s tint the windows and cover with ice
pull up a blanket to show that you care
give me a wink then sit upon the chair

drive on by going one hundred miles a minute
not giving a fuck about the wake or who’s in it
deafening sonic waves crushing down the asphalt
don’t you know by now to make everything my fault

it’s the same old story nothing new to see
sorry if this bores you as i’m just gonna be me
keep on reading and i swear i can lose you
take down some notes to remember who’s who

and yes it is in one ear and out the other
pennies fall from the sky to pull us together
daydreaming gets you everywhere you want to be
sorta like visa but without the nasty fees

\"here i go again on my own\"
there i went again where no one was shown
windy forces come crashing into your face
leave again, once and for all, leave without a trace

in my time of dying