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“The Solstice of Eyes, Just a Dead Reminder”

Just a glance from my autumnal tomb
Woken up from my everyday slumber
You were there, my guiding light
You glistened and sparkled all dressed in white
While I sat the contrast of your fears
Crying for the wind whispers wonders,
Thoughts of how even ones without hearts can break.
Though your mind compresses at those forbidden
Your dead eyes give me even the slightest comparison.
You glance for hope I wish to make numb in my mind.
But the arrangements have been wrong since the great plunders
Have put me under the weight of the ocean for the pressure keeps me under.
It’s a soft blanket that questions my flaws at night
and saves me from the follies of life.
So hard to be happy unless a grace from your presence is just out of question?
When first our eyes happened upon first glance
Disarming me with such a lovely light, I couldn’t help but stare.
You pulled me in, but why must your heart be so blind?
Your eyes tell me of lure and dream of a life of more.
All the treasures of the land sparkle to you if you have the time to look.
To just take second and marvel others beauty but your own.
Though your eyes change with the monthly phases often gravitating you to the wrong
Making your decisions based on the Devil’s beauty of desire.
While I may just be another to be caught in your radiance and the machine of your mind.
I must say that while your dreams are shattered reminisce of our once sacred future.
How My heart jumped into your presence but is now replaced,
We could have been like the sands of time and watched the world grow old,
With and die in front of us, everything around us growing but us, never changing.
Our shielded light from the moons ghostly presence ellipses’ us from knowing.
But you must always be like the eclipse of a waning crescent,
When minds and feelings disappear, you become like an ice crystal,
Cold to the touch and always a constant reminder of no matter how beautiful,
You will always be just as fragile as a mid-autumns Harvest Moon.
Always distant from my grasp and how I marveled at your looks,
You will always be the forbidden apple of my desire.
Forever wanting to press my lips against yours but, both our blood has run cold.
Like the broken mirror dusty and abused, broken and discarded,
Our reflections remain anonymous as long as the fragments stay silent.
Their thorns of ones they hurt covered up by the blossoms of flowers.
Grown of tears and ashes of nightmares and goals that had fallen.

now this one is way too long. :lol:

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