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no it’s this fucking tree outside my house that wants to dig it roots into my pipes and clog them up. Worst part is no one lives next door and it’s not my damn tree…
so I am calling the asswipe plumber out for tomorrow because I am not about to pay after hours fees…so I am on bitch mode right now…I manged to figure how to work this :D without him coming here-thank god!!!
so tomorrow i’ll be paying the plumber and skipping the mortgage payment and making double payment in July-this bites ass….my ex is an idiot, still spending money on BS…GOD!!!!!!!!!
ok vent over :D

UPDATE: I just called to set it up for tomorrow and the guy told me they don’t charge extra for after hours so I am getting it fixed tonight :D now I just gotta look cute to get a discount :lol: :lol: :lol: so not going to happen